Fic: What We Are

Title: What We Are
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: OT4 Baekhyun/Chen/Chanyeol/D.O.
Other Pairings Involved: Kai/Sehun
Length: 6680 words
Summary: Kyungsoo had to get out of there. This has got to be a mistake. There’s no way he’s rooming with a bunch of beagles.
Warning(s): brief description of harassment and violence, degrading language, blood
A/N: Originally written for takostation here

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Fic: Right In Place

Title: Right in Place
Rating: R
Pairing: Chanyeol/Kyungsoo
Other pairings involved: Hinted Joonmyun/Jongin
Length: 3500
Summary: Do Kyungsoo the infamously uptight student council president barely acknowledge him in public; does not address him anything more than the terse “Park”, and won’t hesitate to cut down the locker room’s water supply if they exceeded the after practice wash up time; leaving half his team angry and sticky with either suds or sweats.
Warning(s): Minor instances of panic attacks.
A/N: Originally written for onemorechansoo here

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hi im still alive

ahh hah ah ha. *nervous laughter* hi.

so this is a little announcement regarding my fic (if anyone still keeping tab of it) Testosterone Testarosa.

i am aware that it's been a zillion years since i last updated, and several of you might've been disappointed and given up being hung up on the update. for this I AM EXTREMELY SORRY OH GOSH I'M SUCH A TERRIBLE POOP FOR MY SUDDEN MIA ;;; actually i was so caught up by real life affairs that i kinda lost the inspiration for a while? but no worries i still have the ideas just not the motivation pls kill me

so what i'm trying to tell is i will eventually finish the fic, and i was hoping that i'd get to the next part after i'm finished with my finals. one paper more this week, some packing to do and i'm done for the semester. in the mean time, you can find me being hysterical on my tumblr here and you are free to poke me in my inbox anytime

anyway i'm so thankful for the likes and support, honestly i never thought ppl would like my writing that much ahha ha..ah. >.< i would love to hear your overall thoughts on the story, favorite parts/pairings, any question you might have, anything. reading them will motivate me further for sure! hheheh.

kyungsoo is me


Fic: Testosterone Testarosa 4/?

Title: Testosterone Testarosa 4/?
Rating: R (this chapter, NC-17 overall)
Pairing: girl!kyungsoo/exo
Warning(s): het sex, self-indulgent cuz I just want me some femsoo. unbetaed.
Summary: In which Kyungsoo is a moe fujoshi who finds herself in a sticky predicament.
Previous Part(s): 1 | 2 | 3 |

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