sarah (prettyminstrel) wrote,

Fic: Testosterone Testarosa 1/?

Title: Testosterone Testarosa 1/?
Rating: R (NC-17 for future chapters)
Pairing: girl!kyungsoo/exo
Warning(s): het sex, self-indulgent cuz I just want me some femsoo. unbetaed.
Summary: In which Kyungsoo is a moe fujoshi who finds herself in a sticky predicament.


Kyungsoo breaks out a moan when Zitao palms and kneads her breasts, fingers alternating between flicking and thumbing her peaked nubs.

This shouldn’t be happening. At least not like this. At least not like how Kyungsoo thought it should be.

Zitao pulls back, Kyungsoo flushes at the look in his eyes that’s currently taking its sweet pause devouring the sight of her very much ample breasts like it’s the 7th wonder of the world. She let out a small whimper when he tugged on both her nubs only to let it slips and bounces the rest of the flesh.

His hands resumed its cupping, Zitao briefly grins up at Kyungsoo before descending his face into the mounts and he- is he inhaling her boobs? oh my god. Kyungsoo thought briefly before gasping at the feel of a wet tongue latching at her nipple. Her hand automatically goes up to his head.

Of course. This is where fate decided to play up her cruel practical joke because at that precise moment Kris opens the door into the student board room.

Oh fuck.


Joonmyun is here too. Kyungsoo freezes up at the sight of the jaw-slacked older boy just right behind Kris; who mirrors similar expression on his face.

Kyungsoo automatically tightens her grip on Zitao’s hair; who’s seemingly oblivious at the interruption and still diligently laving at her breast. Kyungsoo winces when he let go of her nipple with an audible plop, a thin strand of spit connecting her tip with his lips.

Finally Zitao takes notice of the new presences in the room; letting out an “Oh,” unhelpfully with no sense of remorse whatsoever.

Panic welled up in Kyungsoo, mouth running out words without control as she scrambles down the table.

“I didn’t mean to get in between you two! I’m sorry!”

When she watches how several emotions flashes through Kris’ expression all at once (shocked, entranced, confusion? and flushing) and how Joonmyun mainly echoes the same reaction she belatedly realizes that her breasts are still very much exposed and hanging out of her school blouse.

Kyungsoo hurriedly fixes herself up before grabbing her bag and pushes her way out in between the two boys at the door, sending Joonmyun slumped at the door frame when she brushes against him and promptly sprint away before any of the boys could say anything.

“Aw fuck you guys just had to have an impeccable timing, do you?” Zitao whines.

Several beats passed when Kris finally shook himself out of his reverie and lets out a half-strained; “What?”

Zitao is in the midst of smoothing out his school uniform when he replied;

“Oh. She thought you and I were dating.”

Kris let out a sputtered “what?” and “how the hell does that relate to your face in her boobs” but all that he could coherently made out was, “fuck, her boobs.”

Zitao just grins meanwhile Joonmyun still seemingly caught in his entrance by the door frame.


Kyungsoo screams into her pillow, rolling in between her thick blankets willing for it to swallow and suffocates her to death, only to rinse and repeat whenever flashes of today’s event ran through her mind.

She didn’t understand how it turned out like this; all she intended to do at first was to comfort Zitao when she found him brooding in the student board room, thinking he was depressed from not hanging out with Kris lately. She had always admired the couple; two sexy foreign students sticking up to each other and looking good together.

After all, what could be a more perfect set up than the school’s student president and the resident delinquent? The differences between the two best friends clashes with each other in the most delicious way and Kyungsoo may or may not have wrote some steamy fanfics involving those two.


But the way Zitao laves at her doesn’t really suggest that he was upset at all nor heavily inclined ‘that’ way. Was he strai-

No. Kyungsoo shook her head vehemently. He must’ve been confused. He must’ve fooled himself into doing it to just to get back at Kris. That must’ve explained how Kris and Joonmyun walked in right at the moment. Yup. That must be it.


Fuuuuuuuuuck. He saw. Oh my fucking god Kim Joonmyun saw me. Kyungsoo chants before promptly burying herself screaming in her pillow again.

So Kyungsoo may have been harboring a crush towards the vice president for a while now. But most of the time she just swallowed it down and resulting to just watching the boy (pathetically) quietly at the side. He probably didn’t even know her existence, saved for this one fateful evening that led him to a faceful of her breasts.

Oh my god. He must think I’m a slut.

Kyungsoo silently stabs the tiny voice that replies; you are! before letting out a cry, dreading how she would face going to school tomorrow.

-asfgkhj what is this
-first fic homg
-idk where i'm going with this. comment if it's any good? :| (i'll try to update this everyday if the reception is somewhat decent orz)
-half of this gonna be kyungsoo's boobs appreciation, okay? okay.

Tags: exo, fanfic, kyungsoo
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