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Fic: Testosterone Testarosa 2/?

Title: Testosterone Testarosa 2/?
Rating: PG (this chapter, NC-17 overall)
Pairing: girl!kyungsoo/exo
Warning(s): het sex, self-indulgent cuz I just want me some femsoo. unbetaed.
Summary: In which Kyungsoo is a moe fujoshi who finds herself in a sticky predicament.
Previous Part(s): 1 |

“You what?”

Sehun sputtered at a smug-faced Zitao. Jongin sporting the same incredulous expression.

“You’re kidding me. Little Soo? That kyungsoo?”

“Not-so little, heh. But yeah that sweet lump Kyungsoo.” Zitao replies, sighing in fondness at yesterday’s memory. “But that prick Kris just had to ruin the moment,” He added sulkily while violent stabbing the orange juice’s box with the straw.

Sehun whines out “unnhhh unfair!” at the same time Jongin spit out, “ugh fuck you, dude” while glaring at the feral-eyed boy.

“Why are you so pissed? Aren’t you the one who said that she’s a lil’ dork who giggles at air?” Zitao raises his eyebrow at Jongin.

“Yeah but she’s a hot dork who jiggles with her giggles. And she supposedly off-limit!” Jongin stares accusingly.

“Off-limit? What are we, 12? Well I didn’t know that. What I do know is I’m not done with her, especially not after yesterday.” Zitao’s blood rushes south at the memories of soft flesh and lavender scent, hand immediately presses down on his crotch.

“Well you’re not the only one then, heck we’re not the only one who had eyes on her.” Sehun adds, mouth sucking at the straw a little too vengefully.

“What do you mean?”

“Rumor has it that some members of the basketball and soccer team has been having some interest on her for a while now, but she’s been put off-limit because they do not want to mess with the ‘team spirit’ or some shit like that.”

Zitao let out a bark of incredulous laughter, “What? That’s ridiculous. Well I, for one don’t really feel like being a team player for this one. I had a taste, and I gotta have it all.” Zitao finishes with a smirk.

Sehun raises his eyebrow while Jongin crosses his arms, “Is that a challenge we hear?”

“Well since everyone are such a pansie cowering behind the ‘limit’ and all I don’t see why I should waste such a perfectly edible opportunity.” Zitao shrugs.


Damn it, they’re here!

Kyungsoo immediately raises the food tray to her face at sight of the infamous delinquent trio Zitao, Sehun and Kai at a table nearby, trying (failing) to inconspicuously slinks her way around the tables to the farthest corner so that she could hide herself there.

“Ooh who are we hiding from?”

Kyungsoo jumps at a voice sneaking right below her ear and she almost flip her tray off.

“Baekhyun!” Kyungsoo exclaimed at the grinning boy behind her; whose hands currently settling at her waist (unnecessarily) steadying her from the shock.

“How long have you been standing here?” Kyungsoo asks dazedly while the boy picks up the tray from her hand.

“Not standing, following. I was about to call you when I first saw you entering the café but then you suddenly sneak around funnily. What’s the matter?” Baekhyun chuckled before he started walking bringing the tray with him.

Kyungsoo docks behind his back whispering “Just hide me and keep walking!”, missing the small intake of breath from Baekhyun when she grips his waist and hides her face behind his neck.

“O, okay,” Baekhyun stumbles a little in his steps, suddenly finding himself having a hard time to keep up with the general pattern of breathing because of that soft pair of things currently pressing up against his back omfg breathe, Baek. BREATHE.

Suddenly there’s a voice clearing its throat behind them, Kyungsoo turns only to find her blood immediately drained at the sight.

There’s Kris in all his glory looking down at her from his sky height. She curses her small frame when Kris’s eyes slowly droop so low like she’s a speck of dust on the floor.

That confrontation attracts a whirl of attention around them, which could only mean..

“Kyungsoo baby!”

Sure enough, there’s Zitao taking large strides towards the pair, pushing a spluttered Baekhyun to the side on his way and immediately presses up against Kyungsoo; who in turn got pushed against Kris’ rooted frame.

Kyungsoo let out a yelp only to be swallowed by Zitao’s lips, hand automatically braced on his shoulder and another gripping on Kris’ leg.

There’s a collective intake of gasps around her but Kyungsoo finding herself hard to mind any of them with Zitao’s currently on a mission to turn her into jelly.

When Zitao finally detaches his face from Kyungsoo she belatedly realizes that she’s leaning her weight completely against Kris; who’s currently holding her up from behind with an arm that snugly resting beneath her breasts.

She would attempt a feeble effort to move but that’s only going to prove pointless with how Zitao didn’t even budge a bit from his sandwich position (neither do Kris).

“Baby you bailed out so soon yesterday you left me all high and strung, that’s not fair.” Zitao breathes against the side of her face.

Kyungsoo chokes out a “W..what? but you and Kris..?”

“Fuck Kris, I only wanted you.” Zitao shoves Kris away; irritating the latter for separating him from the wonderful warmth (and weight) of Kyungsoo.

Kyungsoo flails, “ can’t do this! You can’t keep making him jealous like this, I know you guys care about each other!”

“What? No, Soo baby. You got it all wrong, actually-“

“Yes, we do care about each other.” Kris suddenly pipes in, forcibly pulling Zitao against him with a feral grin on his face.

Zitao’s eyes widens, sending the other boy a glaring wtf-are-you-doing look before hastily pushing Kris’s kissy face away from him.

“What the fuck dude?! No Soo baby listen to me-“

Kyungsoo coos at the sight with almost teary eyes, delighted with the turn of event that’s basically fantasy-confirming. She knew those two are together! Kristao forever!

“See? Don’t fight this. I know deep inside you love him with all your heart! I wish you two a lifetime of happiness,” Kyungsoo pats Zitao chest before walking away, pulling a gaping Baekhyun along with her.

Zitao cries out with grabby hands towards Kyungsoo’s retreating back, struggling against Kris’ grip. Meanwhile Sehun and Jongin currently cackling their asses off in the background.

“Wow, she really thought we’re together, huh?” Supplies Kris at the side, who then reflexively docked Zitao punches to his shoulder.

Well. This is fun. A smirk curves itself on his face.


-asfgh thank you for all the replies! i'll get to you all shortly
-(i should've clarify this earlier) fujoshi=yaoi/boys' love fangirl
-this is a mess orz please do not take this seriously /hides under covers. the only reason you guys should stay for this is only for the mindless fun and gratuitous smut
-the rest of the members will come out after this! :DD

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