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Fic: Testosterone Testarosa 3/?

Title: Testosterone Testarosa 3/?
Rating: R (this chapter, NC-17 overall)
Pairing: girl!kyungsoo/exo
Warning(s): het sex, self-indulgent cuz I just want me some femsoo. unbetaed.
Summary: In which Kyungsoo is a moe fujoshi who finds herself in a sticky predicament.
Previous Part(s): 1 | 2 |

“Come here,” Kris voices out in the midst of heavy breathing and slicks of flesh. Zitao let out a drawn out moan when the older boy rubs their cocks harder, teasing both their tips alternately. Kris’s big hand covered both their length perfectly, while Zitao’s gripping his ass pulling him against his heat harder.

They both are resting their forehead against each other, embroiled in an intense battle of stares and all the needs that reflected off it. They stood naked in the middle of the room, sweats tracing toned bodies and long, long legs.

“Yes, come here baby,” This time it’s Zitao voicing out. Wait, who are they addressing to?

And then slowly, both male turn their heavy gaze to the side, heads still plastered together.

A sharp sensation runs through her body at the sound of her name uttered by them. She looks down finding that her body was very much naked too, as equally if not more turned on. She’s acutely aware that she’s dripping, judging by how her fingers are doing a poor job of stuffing it all back inside.

She huffs a strained moan at how she just couldn’t seem to appease that deep ache inside her, eyes flitting back in plead to the boys in front of her. Knees shaking from its position on the floor.

“Oh baby, come here now. Come in between us.”

Kris reaches out a wet hand, and Kyungsoo suddenly had an inexplicable need to crawl over and lick it off.

Slowly, she moves.

Kyungsoo woke up heaving, heartbeat racing throughout her body. Eyes wide.

What the hell was that? Oh god.

Did she just had a wet dream about Kris and Zitao? Oh god. Okay if Kyungsoo were to be honest she had imagined the two boys in compromising fantasies before (for ‘research’ purposes. Uhum.) But to actually be in the dream herself?

That’s new.

And that wasn’t totally bad at all.

Ugh, no! Kyungsoo shook her head off at the thought. That’s just impossible. She couldn’t possibly have a chance with the two boys even if they were straight. But dear lord the things that the dream just now did to her. Kyungsoo slowly moves her hand down her shorts to her aching folds, rolling over her body at the touch.

(She’s going to pretend that she still didn’t feel traces of Zitao’s searing kiss and touches and Kris’ strong arm around her.)


Kyungsoo is in the middle of locking her house gate when she heard Mrs. Park calling her over. She immediately bows to greet her.

“Are you on the way to school?”

“Yes Mrs. Park. Is there anything I can help with?”

Mrs. Park produces a green lunch box, along with a small water container and hands it to Kyungsoo with a small grin.

“Chanyeol forgot to bring this earlier. He has a basketball practice this afternoon after school so he gotta have some extra food with him. Can you be a dear and help me hand it to him?”

Kyungsoo hesitates a little. It’s not that she doesn’t want to help; it’s just that she rarely talk to Chanyeol saved for few awkward greetings. Her family moved into the neighborhood just when she’s starting middle school so that left her with almost zero chance of getting to know with other peers around. Now she’s just mostly wondering how to approach Chanyeol without making the situation too awkward, or making sure that she would went mostly unnoticed considering Chanyeol is somewhat known in their school, being in a basketball team and all (it definitely helps that he’s also hot). Plus, she definitely does not need another ruckus after what went down in the cafeteria yesterday; she had garnered enough whispers and stares, thank you very much.

“Um, okay Mrs. Park.”


Okay this is impossible.

Kyungsoo thought while she made a complete turn for the third time today. She had been trying to approach Chanyeol since this morning, but that tall boy is always surrounded by his basketball clique. Kyungsoo glances back when a boisterous laughter rang at the back. Chanyeol is clapping his hands at whatever antics his friends are currently demonstrating right now.

Kyungsoo sighs. Truth to be told she would’ve just braced through it in the first place, but. But there’s Yixing in the circle.

Kyungsoo darted back at the boy smiling beside Chanyeol. Few girls swoon by his side, and Yixing good-naturedly smiles back; causing them to swoon even more.

Zhang Yixing can be said as the epitome of an angelic prince in their school; he is well-mannered, sweet, polite and also a member of the basketball team alongside Chanyeol. Everybody adores Yixing. So does Kyungsoo at first. Well it’s hard not to considering how Yixing is practically a manhwa model comes true, and that only strikes all the high points in Kyungsoo’s book.

But. Ungh.

Kyungsoo closes her eyes as her blood rushes south. No. She cannot go anywhere near Yixing with her condition like this, not when she’s all high and strung out after the little event with Zitao and Kris.

If Yixing find out..

A shiver runs through her body.

--“Kyungsoo~! Did you come to see me?” Kyungsoo jumps at a voice and a pair of hands that came up to squish her cheeks.

“Jongdae!” Kyungsoo exclaims; a little slurred from being squished by the grinning boy in front of her. Jongdae is in the choir club with Kyungsoo and Baekhyun; and seemed to have a penchant for pinching, squeezing and squishing Kyungsoo’s cheeks. Sometimes he even mimed ‘eating’ Kyungsoo by pretending to bite her arm (only to be smacked by Baekhyun).

“I told you to call me Chen Chennn..!” Drawls Jongdae, squishing about Kyungsoo’s cheeks with each syllable.

“Jongdae-yahh” Kyungsoo squirms pitifully but only seemed to delight the boy more. Thankfully, his attention got distracted by the lunch box and water container in Kyungsoo’s hands.

“Ooh what’s this? Did you bring this for me?”

“No, this is for..Chanyeol.” Kyungsoo’s tone wanes at the end, and Jongdae seemed to missed it.

“Who..? You don’t wanna give it to me? How could you! Bad Kyungsoo, bad!” Jongdae pouts before further abusing her (poor) cheeks.

“! This is for, hmph..Jongdae, stop! I jurst fwanted to..! ..I just wanted Chanyeol!!”

Time immediately stills.

At least that’s what Kyungsoo thought happened when Jongdae paused mid air and worse, the boisterous laughter behind her suddenly quiets.


Kyungsoo slowly turns, and sure enough there’s Chanyeol looking over them wide-eyed. And of course Chanyeol’s attention is not the only one she caught. She mentally willed for the ground to eat her up, whatever deities up there sure is having a field day with Kyungsoo’s life recently.

Red-faced, she slowly walks over to Chanyeol; resolutely ignoring Yixing’s piercing stare. Chanyeol immediately stand up straight; eyes following Kyungsoo’s approaching frame till she stops before him. And fuck. The view is really nice from up close. Chanyeol involuntarily swallows a phantom air in his throat.

“Um. This. This was for you.” Kyungsoo hands over the lunch box and the container. Chanyeol perks up.


“It was from your mother, she asked me to hand it to you this morning.”

“Oh.” If Kyungsoo pays enough attention she probably would’ve notice the slight disappointed tone in Chanyeol’s reply but currently she’s busy trying to will her magical disappearance.

“Um. Okay. Uh. I got to go, yeah.” Kyungsoo finishes lamely before preparing to sprint away, but Chanyeol stops her.

“Wait! Kyungsoo. Um, thanks.” Chanyeol let out a sheepish grin at the small smile Kyungsoo replied him with, before she walks away with a bewildered Jongdae tailing after her.

A commotion breaks after a pause; claps and assaults raining Chanyeol left and right before a headlock caught him demanding answers and explanation. Chanyeol managed to clarify after catching his breath; all the while still guarding his body from stray jealous punches.

“All this time you live next to her and you never tell us?”

“Can you see her room from your place?”

“How does she look like in tank tops?”

“Fuck, you didn’t try anything with her, do you? You know she’s off-limit!”

Chanyeol denies any allegations of having anything with Kyungsoo. Well that’s mostly true anyway. What Chanyeol didn’t tell them is yes, he can see her room from his; she wears spaghetti straps most of the time; and Chanyeol definitely has crossed a different type of limit altogether by his nightly ritual of stalking her from his room.

Beside him, Yixing is awfully quiet, eyes still staring off the direction Kyungsoo walked into.


Kyungsoo smothers a moan into her fist at the feel of the fingers sliding in and out of her. One of the thighs she’s currently splayed on raises a little; which in turn propping up her butt a little more. Her skirt was flipped up, panties halfway down her thighs.

The fingers continue its sliding, alternately switching motions by wiggling side to side. Kyungsoo’s moans breaks out of her fist before she quickly shoves it back when the fingers slam a little harder.

“I’ve heard about your little rendezvous with Zitao, Jing Xiu.” The owner of the fingers drawls.

“And I must say I’m a little shaken. Looks like I’m not gonna be the only one that got to see you like this, feel you like this.”

Kyungsoo feels her body being flipped onto her back, barely clearing her sights of the book racks around them before a body covers her.

“So I have to enjoy this privilege thoroughly while I still have them, hm?”

Yixing flashes a smile, and promptly goes down on her.


-wow kyungsoo sure made his her way through the china-line, huh? ohho

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