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Fic: Testosterone Testarosa 4/?

Title: Testosterone Testarosa 4/?
Rating: R (this chapter, NC-17 overall)
Pairing: girl!kyungsoo/exo
Warning(s): het sex, self-indulgent cuz I just want me some femsoo. unbetaed.
Summary: In which Kyungsoo is a moe fujoshi who finds herself in a sticky predicament.
Previous Part(s): 1 | 2 | 3 |

Kyungsoo staggers in her steps before opting to rest her body against the library’s wall. Her knees still a little weak from earlier despite taking some time to catch a break after that intense romp.

Sex with Yixing does that a lot. He wasn’t particularly a harsh lover, it’s just that he’s a goddamn tease and he loves taking his sweet time prolonging and torturing Kyungsoo into complete frustration until she’s jerking and pleading wordlessly into his neck. Kyungsoo doesn't hate that, but sometimes she does wish for a more domineering and pumped up round.

She rubs the carpet burn on her knees, the struggling result from being held down by the hips too long on the floor with Yixing deep inside just grinding, but refusing to let her bounce her way into completion. But like always, all those frustrations were quickly thrown outside the window when Yixing finally, finally thrust up with that sweet smile adorning his pretty face.

Needless to say it didn’t take Kyungsoo very long after that.

Kyungsoo reminisce the first time it happened with Yixing; she was also in the library at that time, working her inside furiously with her fingers between the secluded shelves. It was past school hour and Kyungsoo loses her control after days of build up frustration.

She remembers that it was just after the summer break; where the source of her frustration started. She followed her family back to their relative’s hometown in the seaside that summer, and that's where she met Jung Daehyun; her childhood friend back.

As far as Kyungsoo remember Daehyun definitely didn’t look this toned and broad-chested last she saw him, and his tanned skin and plush lips and blinding smiles are doing unexplainable things on her body. (And by the look of Daehyun he didn’t fare off much either.)

They skirted around each other for days like that until it was two days before she had to leave. They were fooling around among the rocks splashing water onto each other before they’re suddenly pressed up against each other wet and scrambling away at each other’s clothes.

That’s the first time she had ever experienced sexual activities; and she was glad he was being as careful and gentle as he can the first time they did it but also as enthusiastic in worshipping her body thoroughly.

But two days wasn’t enough. She was just getting used to the euphoria before she had to leave it abruptly; which lead to her perpetual frustration in school afterwards. At first she tried to distract herself by venturing into a more hardcore mangas; and that seemed to do the trick for a while when she was momentarily amazed by the wide varieties of R18 SasuNaru doujinshis alone. But the more she read, the more curious she became and she knew it got worse when she started seeing Baekhyun and Jongdae climbing into each other’s lap making out angrily during the height of one of their banter.

Worse because that thoughts turned her on.

So when that led to her pleasuring herself in the library little did she expect at that time that things are about to get worser, (or maybe not).

She was sitting on the floor leaning on the shelve with her knees up, panties tangled on one of her ankles with fingers rapidly sliding in and out of her folds wetly.

Yixing found her exactly like this; standing stunned by the end of the shelf in front of her.

She remembers belatedly having her breath caught up in surprise, but somehow her fingers just pressed up harder into her and she just couldn’t stop. And then. And then she nearly chokes when Yixing slowly moved in front of her.

He dropped to his knee, and with that trademark smile of his that Kyungsoo will soon learn would strike a shiver in her every time she saw it he offers;

“Need a hand?”


Chanyeol throws his bag at a random interval before promptly slumping face first on his bed, groaning at the pricks and kicks in his limbs. Coach Kim was particularly harsh today, but Chanyeol wouldn’t really blame any on him since the year end tournament is coming up and to be honest Chanyeol wasn’t really in his element today, anyway so he kind of deserved that extra punishment practice.

He wriggles out of his training jersey and shorts, feeling stuffy with the garments. He turn on his back before resting an arm on his forehead, mind reeling back to the subject that has been distracting him since this morning; a certain petite and curvy girl who has been the star of his nightly guilty pleasure.

Speaking of guilty pleasure..

Chanyeol immediately get up and peer at his window. The blinds of the window across his room are drawn out, but the light is on. Chanyeol sighs before throwing himself back on his bed.

Do Kyungsoo.



His mind flashes the memories of the shapely girl standing in front of him this morning. Oh how lovely she had looked from up close and Chanyeol just wanted to smack himself in the head for being an awkward prick in front of her. Chanyeol remembers when he first truly saw her around the second year she moved in next to his house. He had just finished showering when he heard a distinct voice singing. It was so faint he almost thought he’s just hallucinating things. But then when he goes to his slightly opened window to open it wider that’s when he spotted a cute girl leaning on the railing of her window; chanting out tunes and melodies to the night sky.

It was one of the loveliest sound he’d ever heard and definitely of one of the loveliest sight too. At that moment he chastised himself for not noticing this gem sooner; he had been so caught up with his life and practices that he disregard little things around him. But Chanyeol can’t exactly pinpoint where it went wrong with Kyungsoo, he tried and fail miserably in his every attempt of getting to know her because she always shuts herself in at school and she also have this perpetually incredulous look in her eyes that always made Chanyeol feel like a loser everytime it was so much as directed in his direction.

But she has the most adorable smile and as equally if not more adorable giggles, something he envied that punk Baekhyun and sometimes Jongdae too for having to witness (and sometimes caused it) on daily basis. Damn choir club.

It also turned out that Chanyeol is not the only one that notices Kyungsoo. At a sport clubs meeting spilled the can that revealed the rest of the boys turned out to be collectively dogging after Kyungsoo. Chanyeol doesn’t really remember how it goes but he vaguely recalled someone mentioning Kyungsoo’s name for whatever reason it is and from there the rest is a pouring dam. This then led to that stupid pact of putting her off limit because Yixing suddenly feel the need to exert his captain power to ‘preserve the team spirit’ so no chasing on the same girl.

But Chanyeol considers himself lucky because at least he got to witness Kyungsoo in her rare moments, like when he spotted her in glee over something on her computer. Sometimes he’d caught her rolling on her bed, giggling at the comic book in her hands (she seemed to have a vast collection of it too, judging by the full shelf beside her bed.)

Chanyeol wishes he could be a lot closer to her in those moments; to let her know that he loves every bit of her cute, sexy dorky self and how he could be as equally a dork too and together they could both roll in a dork mud with hands slipping and grappling and.. okay.

Chanyeol immediately shook his head. He needs a cold shower.


“So, Kyungsoo. Do you have anyone in mind?”

Kyungsoo snapped out of her reverie. The choir club committee members including Baekhyun and Jongdae are looking upon her in expectation.

“Uh, sorry. What?”

“You know our team needs more back up vocal, right? The vice principal’s retirement ceremony is nearing, and we need more harmonies for the song we’ve picked. Do you have anyone in mind that we could possibly recruit?” Luna inquires.

Kyungsoo doesn’t need to ponder long. She immediately knew someone in mind. Honestly he’d be perfect. But she’s not sure whether he’d go for it.

“I do have one. I’ve heard him sings in church before. Honestly I think he has good potential with his great pitch. But he’s in another club right now, I’m afraid he’d passed because the schedule could be hard on him? Plus, he’s a third year student.” Kyungsoo explains. Kyungsoo and Jongdae straightened up.

“Oh? And who would that be?”

“Kim Minseok sunbae.”

“Oh really? We must get him then! Kyungsoo please persuade him!” Luna tugs on Kyungsoo’s blouse.

“Uh, me? I’m not good at this,” Kyungsoo admits. Because really, she couldn't even lure a cat with fish.

“Of course you’d be perfect this! You can ask Kris sunbae for help!”

“Ehh? What does he got to do with this?” Kyungsoo squeaks.

“Because they’re classmates. Don’t think we don’t know you got a little chummy with him, Kyungsoo. We all heard of that lil’ incident at the cafeteria,” Luna stares her down pointedly.

Kyungsoo spluttered before Luna practically shoves her face down with a paper and claps her hands in satisfaction.

“It’s all settled, then! I hope you’ll bring us good news, Kyungsoo. This club’s fate lies in your hand.” Luna finishes off dramatically, patting Kyungsoo on her shoulder. Baekhyun look on her with worries etched on his face.

“Will you be alright? Want me to go with you?” Somehow Baekhyun feels like letting Kyungsoo go into the third year’s hallway is like setting off a sheep into a wolf’s den.

Kyungsoo shook her head with a smile. “It’s okay, Baekkie. I’ll be fine.”

“You sure?” This time Jongdae pipes in.

“Of course..!”



Kyungsoo silently hits her forehead against the wall at the stairs near the clamoring hallway of the third year classes. The teachers are all having a meeting so that explains the noises ringing throughout the hallway. But the situation is fairly controlled in the third years compared to if it were a first year hallway, saved for some stray students hanging around.

Why did she agree to this again? She should’ve known better before throwing herself in general public confrontation. She’d be more composed if it were one on one interaction..she thinks. But most importantly, how could she missed the fact that if Kris is Minseok’s classmate, then that means Joonmyun and Yixing are also in the same class! Kyungsoo wails internally.

There’s just something that equates horror being in the same vicinity of Joonmyun and Yixing, not to mention how her general feeling towards Kris has become all weird now due to that little dream she had about him and Zitao. Plus, Yixing didn’t know about her little crush on Joonmyun. Not that it matters for anything, but somehow Kyungsoo feels it’s better that Yixing didn’t ever find out about it. But Yixing is a smart guy. Kyungsoo don’t think it’ll take long for him to pick up hints with how generally fail at life Kyungsoo is really at hiding her emotions and being around Joonmyun certainly wouldn’t help the case.

Kyungsoo breathes.

She peaks around before walking up the stairs, awkwardly avoiding eye contacts and stares and moving straight to the 3-A sign right above the door in front of her. She thinks she heard some whistle at the back but she just brushes it off.

She freezes when she finally arrived at the class’ door. Almost all the student sits quietly at their table; reading, doing homework or revising, saved for few that huddled around presumably engaged in some kind of discussion. Well, this is 3-A anyway. The highest level of class in the whole school. What does she expect?

Certainly not more of these unnerving feelings. On second thought, maybe she’d prefer a rackety class better.


Kyungsoo jumps. A beautiful pair of eyes sets on her from just behind the door frame she stood by.

“Hello there,” She was immediately greeted with a smile. Kyungsoo freezes a moment. This is the first time she saw Luhan, the star player of the school’s soccer team alongside Minseok from up close. Kyungsoo was momentarily drawn to those dazzling eyes.

My gosh he’s gorgeous.

“What do I owe to this wonderful little surprise, hm?” Luhan trails a finger down Kyungsoo’s face, smile relentless on his.


Kyungsoo immediately snapped out, eyes widened at the sight of Kris coming up to her. He raises his hand to rest at her cheek, large palm framing the side of her face perfectly.

“Why are you here? Do you need anything?”

Kyungsoo may have gurgled a little. Because at that precise moment flashes of Kris’s reaching hand from the dream came assaulting her thoughts; at how she was a breadth away from licking it off. And it’s definitely not helping now that Kris’ thumb is conveniently resting above her lips.

Damn it, what is it with her face that people just couldn't seem to leave it alone?

Kyungsoo immediately pulls Kris’s hand down, sputtering now that the whole class is paying attention to them. Especially..

Kyungsoo quickly averted her eyes from Yixing’s stare, only to be caught in Joonmyun’s just right in front of him. Kyungsoo chokes.

“Oh. Um..i need. Uh. ..Min. Minseok sunbaenim.” One of these days she swears she’s gonna need a speech therapy.

“Minseokkie?” Luhan quips.

Said boy perks up from his seat by the window; looking startled at the mention. Me? He motions from his seat. Kyungsoo slowly nodded.

“What do you need Minseok for? You’re breaking my heart here,” Luhan pouts.

“None of your business. Shoo.” Minseok pipes in when he arrives behind Kris, making sweeping motion with his hands.

“Yes, milady? What do you need my humble service for?” Minseok make a show of bowing with a hand on his chest.

Kyungsoo blushes. She really should’ve brought Baekhyun along for this. And maybe Jongdae too. So that she could hide behind their backs forever.

She realizes belatedly that prickles of stares still raining heavily, “ Um can we talk in private?”

“Oh? Sure! Let’s move then,” Minseok replies; tone elated. And Kyungsoo was only too glad to comply, not noticing how Minseok rest his hand on the small of her back while they’re walking away, nor that sneak of tongue he cheekily presents Luhan with.


-slightly longer chap to make up for the delay!
-i'm still reeling from the drama ver., decided to feature more fictime for the members that are severely lacking of appearances in the mv lol
-let me know if there's anything you guys don't get abt the layout of the story, but basically all u need to know is kyungsoo is a tool who didn't realize she has became the object of desire to the boys in her school lol
-ASFGKHJ FULL BLOWN SMUT ONE DAY, I PROMISED OKAY couldn't resist all these plots popping up >.<
-and !surprise bapexo

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