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Fic: Testosterone Testarosa 6/?

Title: Testosterone Testarosa 6/?
Rating: NC-17 (overall, PG-13 this chapter)
Pairing: girl!kyungsoo/exo
Warning(s): het sex, self-indulgent cuz I just want me some femsoo. unbetaed.
Summary: A hysterical reverse harem in which everybody wants to bone Do Kyungsoo.
Previous Part(s): 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

A/N: I’m SO sorry orz

Kyungsoo plops down on her bed after pulling up a pair of shorts and nothing else, towel hanging on her neck and hair still damp from her shower. She reaches her phone to check for messages; scrolling down the list and then smiling when she reaches Minseok’s text from earlier.

From Minseok-sunbae:

Had a great time talking to you today, you should definitely whisk me out more often! :DD
Anyway can’t wait for the practice tomorrow, what do I have to give to have your grace to escort me again? ;) keke I’m strangely nervous. Please take care of me m(_ _)m

See you tomorrow! ^^

Minseok is nice. Kyungsoo is glad that he’s such an easygoing guy that he did not make her feel awkward like she usually would be. (and it doesn’t hurt that he’s super cute either. Like a bun.) Up until now Kyungsoo has never really thought much of Minseok other than the famously known fact that he is Luhan’s best friend cum fellow soccer team mates. Well Kyungsoo may also thought that the popular duo looks good with each other; (and she also may or may not have made up a pairing name for them too. !Xiuhan)

She falters when a new message queued in, biting her lips when she saw the sender’s name.

From Yixing-sunbae:

Tomorrow too. As usual.
Goodnight, Jingxiu.

She hesitated for quite a time. It’s not like she’s going to bail, but Yixing..Yixing has been acting kind of weird lately. Well what they have been doing behind closed door is not exactly normal per say but so far they both have been relatively comfortable with their little ‘agreement’; to invest frustration and needs in each other to keep their normal daily life in pace.

It would have been a lie if Kyungsoo wasn’t a bit apprehensive at the whole deal at first; afterall this is Zhang Yixing. The school’s model of a perfect student, a good boy of a gentlemen manner. If anything she almost felt like she’s the one who corrupts him, for being so readily unraveled at his end.

But Yixing still managed to keep his persona intact. He’s still a (frustratingly so) gentleman when he patiently works Kyungsoo inside out, from head to toe. His angelic smiles weren’t shed away even when he’s got Kyungsoo totally laving at his mercy without a presence of anyone. He worships every inch of Kyungsoo like for once he’s glad to be out of the spotlight; and to be the admirer instead.

Kyungsoo pretends she didn’t see the tense in his body whenever he’s starting to work on Kyungsoo, like he’s aching to let go but somehow still excruciatingly managed to keep up the patience. That’s one of the things Kyungsoo didn’t understand about him. She would love to be the one on the giving end sometimes, instead of just taking. She would love to try her best to work him, but she never had the chance. He wouldn’t let her. And it sometimes frustrates Kyungsoo that Yixing still act like a knight in shining armor in this whole ordeal; like he’s doing her a favour when the one who hangs on too hard and grips too tight is him.

But this little dynamic of theirs never really bothers Kyungsoo despite how promiscuous it is. They both are perfectly aware of what they want and what they’re doing and it just so happen that they stumbled upon each other in their high strung search of release, and in a way she can see that in Yixing with how he took control of their little moment in his pace, his power and his desire, which Kyungsoo echoes on the latter one because really, who is she to complain at the end of the day.

Then again lately she kinda feels something’s off with Yixing. She couldn’t exactly pinpoint what or why, but she couldn’t help but notice his movements has been a little more frantic, a tad bit desperate, but still repressively so. They have been doing it a lot more frequent too. Usually it’s just few times in between, mostly for a release when the stresses got to them and things in daily life has been piling up. She wonders what is up; but they are not at that level of sharing and Kyungsoo is not too sure on venturing further on a personal level, afraid of messing up whatever silent lines that has been drawn in this.

Kyungsoo hums before getting up to her PC. She needs to drown herself in the whole volume of Doukyuusei before hitting the sack, and maybe a good dose of Taibani’s doujins too.


“Baekhyun? Baekhyun-ah?”

The petite boy snaps out of his reverie at the sight of a hand waving in front of his face. He gulps when looking up to the owner of the voice.

Kyungsoo’s brow furrows in slight worry. She leans her body towards Baekhyun.

“You’re alright?”

[..her back to Zhang Yixing’s chest, thighs splayed on either side of his; head tipped back, mouth open.]

“..I’m okay! I’m fine, nothing’s wrong. Yes, I’m alright,” he stumbles. Kyungsoo raises her eyebrow but she didn’t press any further.

“Okay then, I just wanted to ask you to inform Luna that Minseok-sunbae is joining us today. I failed to reach her on her cell, she’s not in class either when I looked for her just now,”

“Oh. Okay I’ll.., I’ll tell her later.” Baekhyun resolutely averting his eyes from the figure in front of him. Kyungsoo’s brow furrows furthermore before she leans over to Baekhyun to rest the back of her palm on the boy’s forehead.

Baekhyun was too stunned to flinch or react in any way at the touch. An immediate heat rushes through his body.

[Her hand is gripping hard on Yixing’s shoulder and another balancing on the floor. Lips spilling cries and beggings.]

“It’s lunch break, you wanna go grab something to eat with me? I have painkillers if you need them,” Kyungsoo offers.  Baekhyun’s shook himself hard internally.

“..I’m fine! ..really. You don’t have to,” He winces when his tone comes off a little too high. He berates himself silently. Any given day he would’ve jump at the opportunity but right now, in this situation, he really can’t.

“..I have something to do anyway, I’m sorry. Maybe you can ask Jongdae?” He offers apologetically.

“Okay then. Tell me if you need anything, ‘kay?”


“Sure,” Baekhyun replies with a half-hearted smile.


Kyungsoo is munching into her bread when she feels a weight settling in the seat next to her. She almost chokes when she turns to a faceful of a blinding rainbow locks followed by a grinning face of Oh Sehun; whom she remembers as one of Zitao’s clique.

“Annyeong, noonar.” The younger boy quips chirpily as he’s patting the back of a currently coughing Kyungsoo. Hand not-so discreetly resting at the small of her back as she comes down from her choking fit.

“Uh, um. ..yes?” Her eyes darted to the smiling crescents next to her, raising the back of her hand to cover her mouth and her flushing face. Right at that moment she feels a presence settling down on the other side of her, eyes widen when she turns at the sight.

There’s Kim Jongin slouching in the seat; hands in pocket, eyes glancing back at her. Face impassive but the weight of his eyes suggest otherwise. Kyungsoo immediately felt the need to shrink herself on the spot. There’s just something about the other’s stare that didn’t settles right, especially when it rests upon her; like it’s slowly curls and grips something deep inside that she couldn’t exactly pinpoint.

She still remembers the heated glint in his eyes when she witnessed him engaging in a brawl against a senior twice his size last winter, the fury that fueled him as he crashed his knuckle with a sickening crack to the other’s jaw. She remembers standing stock still at the corner of the pavement in shock, clutching her bag strap in tight grip. She did not know why or what happened for all she did was walking back home her usual route from a late choir practice before getting distracted by the noises of a scuffle.

She also remembers having her breath hitched when that heated gaze suddenly lies upon her, noticing the intrusion. So she did the most logical and reflexive thing she could do; ran away. She blames everything on that stare that in her opinion was too loaded, foreign and overwhelming it shook her deep inside.

“We need your help, noona.” Sehun’s voice cuts through her reverie. She immediately diverts her attention to the still smiling boy whose hand now absently tracing her lower back. But Kyungsoo gives heed to none of it as confusion fills her expression.

“ what help? I don’t think there’s anything that I can-”

“Ohh, there is.” Sehun drawns along with his smile. “But first we gonna need you to come meet us at the school’s swimming pool after school. Can you do that for us, noona?” The younger adorns a pleading look in his eyes that somehow still didn’t lose its coyness within.

Kyungsoo didn’t feel at ease with the idea. Last she know the school’s pool hasn’t been used in ages, what could possibly these two infamous brats want from her? Doubts filled her all over but she couldn’t exactly find it in herself to form out a refusal; not with Sehun’s sparkling eyes pinning on her and the other pair that she can just feel them boring through the back of her head.

“Pleeeeeease, noona? Hm?” Sehun now putting front a full force pout; shuffling closer to rest his face against Kyungsoo’s arm. Kyungsoo awkwardly tenses before Jongin’s quiet but sure voice slips through from the other side.


Kyungsoo turns to the boy and finds herself momentarily subdued to the look in his eyes; hopeful, intense and grasping. Before she knows it, she’s already nodding an “Okay,” to Sehun’s much delight and mouth-splitting grin.

She couldn’t help but feel that she had just agreed to something she shouldn’t have.


-i am so so so sooooooo sorry for everything university life is taking it's toll on me i kinda lost my muse i'm gonna go hide now
-also thank you so much for all those anon messages on tumblr please believe me when i say my heart cries everytime i received them ;~;
-i honestly really didn't expect anyone would even care about this but here's a lackluster update? T.T again i'm sorry//////;;

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